Last updated: December 5, 2021

Reading Recommendations — from the MARC team
The ‘Surreal’ Moment After Release From Prison

This short documentary by Jamie Meltzer and Chris Filippone was filmed before the pandemic but captures the precarious period experienced by the estimated 600,000 people released annually from federal and state prisons across the country. With nothing much more than the clothes on their backs, a bus voucher and a $100 release check, these formerly incarcerated men grapple with the excitement and uncertainty that come with freedom.

by: Sister Madeline Kavanagh

To shift from providing for

to walking with

brings to light

that I am lame

and reminds my companions

we are the same

Get me out of here!

Release the chains of serial addiction

Sooth the wounds of long ago

Ease the pain of violent memories

Heal the hardened heart

      longing for redemption

Peal off fear-filled anger

Set free the power to give and forgive

And the peace of being forgiven

Open the door to the joy of                                  

life giving love

What can you give someone in a locked cage? by: Dani Clark