Last updated: April 12, 2022

Additional Volunteer Efforts

In addition to our Current Courses, we have a number of additional opportunities for volunteers.


We could use some help coordinating fundraising activities, maintaining contact with donors, writing thank you letters, and providing support and guidance in this area


Volunteers can help maintain the MARC site, build a presence on social Media, and help create content of all kinds.


Part of instituting lasting change involves policy changes. We could use help curating and maintaining our Reading Library, following legislative issues for reform, contacting our lawmakers, and creating awareness around these issues.

Reentry Support

Preparing those about to exit prison or jail is only one step in the progress. We could use help to provide mentoring to returning citizen, offering encouragement and guidance as the acclimate to their new surroundings. (Training required to mentor)

Backpack Team

When a citizen is released in Mississippi, they receive a pair of clothes, any money they may have earned during their incarceration, and between $15 and $100 dollars (based on length of sentence), and a bus ticket. Preparing a backpack of common supplies is a tangible act of assistance to help returning citizens.